Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness

Family & Children

River Park – 6 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 10 minutes drive
Should you be looking for fun and relaxation, Rivergaro's water park is your ideal destination. Five different areas catering to all tastes from young people to families with children. The relaxation area is a sun-drenched oasis. In the Family area, younger guests have a miniclub at their disposal where they can have fun without danger. There is music and energy in the area dedicated to younger guests, while the sports area is fully equipped to cater to all tastes: sand-based pitches, fitness area and a 1,000 seat arena. Sunbeds, water streams and whirlpool baths, as well as a waterfall are available to all guests. A large pool with waves, tobogas, slides, solarium, beaches and lawns.

Travo Archeological Park - 8 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 15 minutes drive
The Val Trebbia has been inhabited since the Stone Age and it boasts some important remains of pre-historical settlements. The Travo area, one of the area's most important, is less than 10km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness and covers around three acres of land. Here one can visit the St.Andrews Neolithic Village, a well preserved group of residences which have been unearthed over several excavations started in 1995. Some natural scale Neolithic structures have been reproduced next to the original archeological park, using objects and materials which have been found on-site. The tour of the archeological area and the themed performances allow visitors to discover the Neolithic period history, the common techniques to prepare food, ceramic vases and fabric. Visitors may also practice excavation methodologies in a purpose built area within the park.

Art & History

Rivalta Castle - 8 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 10 minutes drive
Open February to November.
The Rivalta Castle is a grand private residence surrounded by large grounds with centuries' old trees. Its construction date is unknown: it was first mentioned in a document in 1048. The Landi family has owned the castle for the last 700 years. Rivalta has a square shape with a smart tower erected in the XV century. On top of the tower is an additional smaller construction. Members of the British Royal Family have been among the castles' guests.

Agazzano Fortress & Castle - 10 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 15 minutes drive
Open from end of March to end of October.
The Fortress & Castle of Agazzano date back from the XIII century and lay between the Val Trebbia and the Val Tidone. The two buildings belong to the Scotti family. The castle was refurbished at the end of the XVIII century to be transformed into a mansion house, while the Fortress, which was originally built for defensive purposes, was embellished in the XV century with a loggia and other Renaissance additions.


In Travo, 3 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness for relaxing walks and horseback riding.

Croara Country Club - 5 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 8 minutes drive
The Croara Country Club is in Val Trebbia's heart, in a fantastic natural setting between the Trebbia river and an old oak-trees' large wood. The 18-hole golf course is available to all players and in 1987 it hosted the ladies' Open. Even experienced players will face a challenge on this professional course. Driving range, putting green, cart and equipment rental are all available on site.
The ancient villa at the heart of the estate has been visited by the local gentry over the centuries, while the modern Club House boasts a swimming pool and four tennis courts.

Night Life

Sonnambula (Sleepwalker) - 6 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 10 minutes drive
This disco is open until late and is located on the hills above Rivergaro, boasting great views towards Piacenza. In Summer, the cool breeze helps stay up in the club's garden until the early hours. Special dj play on Fridays and Saturdays in both the Main Room and the Club Privée.

Avila – 8 km from Relais Colombara Spa & Wellness - approximately 10 minutes drive
The Avila disco is in Rivalta and is one of the best known clubs in the Piacenza area. It boasts three dance floors, two indoors and one outdoor, six bars, gardens and lounge areas. Professional entertainers and selected music are available every weekend. A smart restaurant, overlooking the garden and open all year is located on the first floor. The cuisine mixes local tradition and international recipes.